Flash MX

I’m a new user of Flash MX and when I make a simple animation it steps thru tweens and dose not run smooth. What am I doing wrong. Please help

You may need to up the FPS (frames per second) rate. Go to Modify/Document and in there is where you can set it. By default it is 12, and typically the most common to use is between 20 and 30.

you could also use what’s called easing, but a bit more advanced for new users.

tried easing and frame rate change and still no difference.

post your file

you also might want to try increasing the number of frames
the motion takes place. if you have it set at like 15 frames, you
may want to expand it out to 30-40 frames. Also, keep the FPS
at 20+. :wink:

also, should you have too many things moving at once, the tweens will come out slow and choppy…


if you simply copied and pasted some huge picture from photoshop it might cause a slowdown too…