Flash of light

Hey y’all,

I have this logo in a grey scale and I am trying to add a flash effect to it.

The flash effect I am trying to add to it is a burst of light, you know, the effect you get when you turn on a fluoresent light.

What I am trying to do can best be viewed at www.2advanced.com , at the bottom of the interface as it is loading, there is like a burst of light and then the rectangles light up.

Anyone know how to do this effect? Many thanks…

i don’t know if what ur looking for is something like this, so i did not put much work on it, just the basic idea and if u like it you can make some changes and u will get the desired effect.
hope it helps.

good luck.

create a rectangle/square/watever-shape, and make it white.
create a keyframe about 5 frames later (depending on what u want and ur frame rate), and change the color to black or watever ur background color is or whatever color it should be to ‘be not there’.
right click on the keyframe with ur white shape in it, and select properties (or in MX simply click on it :slight_smile: ) under the drop-down menu for tweening, select shape.

u should see a green arrow…bingo =)

u can take a look at this .fla if u have to.

hay, i guess i posted a different effect than the one u wanted. but it is still usefull.