Flashing images

I’m new to flash mx.

I’ve seen this effect quite often and think it is very impressive, but can’t seem to get it just right. I would appreciate any help.

looking for the “flashing/blinking” effect on images when they load. examples:


Also trying to figure out how they make the text load like they do…a mask maybe?

also trying to figure out how to get the effect of a growing text box that is rounded, zooms in, and sort of bounches into a rectangle…

  1. Create your text or whatever in Frame one, right click on frame 2 and hit “Insert Keyframe” Repeate this process up to …lets say… frame 10.

Now right click on frame 2 again and choose “Insert Blank Keyframe”, repeate this process on frames, 4, 6, and 8. So that every other frame will have a keyframe. Tah Dah, it blinks!

  1. Yep, just a mask, thats all.

  2. This bouncy box effect is become very popular and overused. But it is done with shape tweening.

To do this effect Draw you shape in Frame one, then on frame …lets say… 10 again right click and hit “Insert Keyframe”.
Make sure you didn’t make your shape a graphic, movieclip, or button, this is important.

After you do that, right click on the grey area between frames and choose “Insert Motion Tween”, now with a frame in the grey (now purplish) area selected, open up the properties window (CTRL+F3 I believe), and in the drop down menu that says “Motion”, choose “Shape” You will now have a green area instead of a purplish area that ends with an arrow pointing to your last keyframe (which is still grey). Now edit the shape in the last keyframe and you have your shape tween. Mess with this method until you get the effect you want.

Brilliant…everything is well on its way to working. I am just having a little trouble with #2…not sure exactly how to USE a mask like that properly.

Thanks so much.:slight_smile:

Ok, I really had no clue how to do it either. I knew how it was done, just didn’t know the process.

I came up with a little experimental/test file which I have attached to this post. You can download it (if you have MX, Flash 5 will not open it) and check it out.

It isn’t much, but I think/hope it will be a good start.