Flash question

whats a are big diffrences in flash 5 than flash 4?
I see some new effects like they disapear the cursor ,and import mp3.What are the big diffrences?

mush easier programming or just new cool effects.

The main difference is in the a/s.

In order to comply better with other Object Oriented Programs or OOPs, they’ve converted to a dot based adressing system.
so what was
is now

This doesn’t seem like much, but when you’re used to OOP it’s a lot easier to learn. Anyone will tell you that addressing is one of the biggest problems with Flash4.0

There is also a larger set of pen tools for manipulating lines. The white arrow and the pen tool are almost the exact same tools you would use in Illustrator, which is already a well established program for both web and print.

Exporting to Quicktime I think is new to Flash5.0, and you’ve already mentioned the MP3 import which is a great improvement. Other than that there are a few new a/s commands and a few which are being phased out, like Telltarget.
The bottem line is that they made Flash5.0 to be more like the other programs on market. At least, that’s how I see it.

all these to action scripts like a dot,it’s kinda hard becuase I used flash 4 for 6 mouths.

There are other differences which I cannot explain. Things like an easier user interface, and more intuitive shape tweening… but there are hundreds of differences. Best bet is to download a free trial version of 5.0 and see for yourself.