Flash 5 vs. Flash MX

I started flashing in four… quit… 5 came out… waited… Then decided i wanted to start flashing again. I had already sucked at four, and wanted to take five seriously, so i got down on it old school and… read stuff.
One week later…
MX came out. (not that there’s anything wrong with that)

My beef is, that i’ve pretty much decided that as much as i missed out on when i quit, i want to take 5 as far as it can go before i switch to MX.

My question is thus - I’ve already taken in what Macromedia has to say about MX and its new this and amazing that, but does someone want to break down for me exactly what changes i’ll be looking at after i upgrade (and spend gads of money) to MX?

Thanks in advance


You can name (and thus create, move, change etc by Actionscript) almost everything: textboxes, clips, buttons…
You can dynamically load in jpgs and mp3s (used to be a Generator feature)
New interface with: layer folders, new tools like an ‘enveloppe modifier’ which is really great for designing d (fake) stuff in Flash, dockable panels…
Enhanced usability features (browser back button support, access to devices like webcams, microphone…, support for viewing impared reader software…)
Many improvements on the scripting part, TONS of new Actionscript which gets ever more object oriented: drawing API to name just one…

There’s just too much to list everything, but it’s worth it. When I first got MX, I was so used to F5 I didn’t like it, then started using it more and more, and now I never open F5 anymore!