Flash scaling and dimensions

Hey there.
I’ve got a little bit of a problem:

I need a flash movie to work on various screen resolutions, windows sizes, etc. So, while I would like the flash player to stretch as much as the window allows, I do not want the movie to scale, since that generally distorts the contents (I have a lot of small-sized text in there that would become unreadable, for example).

The stage.height and Stage.width don’t appear to work when I publish the movie with both the dimensions (instead of “match movie”) as “100%” and scale as “no scale.”

Any ideas? Perhaps a good way to get the exact size of the flash movie?

why do you want it to scale… but not scale? to stretch… but not stretch… seems contradictory… ?

I want the contents to stay in their original size. Say I have a movie clip inside that’s 100x50. I want it to stay at 100x50 no matter how much the flash movie itself stretches or shrinks. Think of a windows dekstop - you can change resolutions, but the icons on your desktop will always have the same size, pixel-wise. That’s the effect I need.