Flash site initially ran on Macs but after an update does not...

Built an AC3 flash site for a client - but I needed the site ready for a launch and uploaded it prematurely just so that it was ‘ready to go’ however it was incomplete. All went well for the launch, and it worked on macs to start, however, after uploading extra content, it now no longer plays on Macs…I have no idea why…it runs fine on PCs, and I didnt change any of the html wrapper stuff…it just ‘doesnt want to work’…it stays as a white screen.

Any thoughts?

Have you tried on different Mac machines? Can you use the in-browser dev tools and listen to the network traffic? It could be that your file is simply not even getting loaded.

Thank you so much for your response. I truly appreciate it.
I put out a call on facebook and had anyone on my friends list with a Mac to load it up - most of them, it worked fine, however there were a few who simply have a ‘white screen’ - and it just doesnt load.
The only thing I did differently is I published it as a LZMA to save space (the original file was really big and had that flash problem of not loading properly), so it would run better. However, other than that, it was almost exactly the same only smaller. On all of my computers it works fine, however, Ive heard over the phone and from people on my list it just sits there - one person told me they cant even open the toolbar…very confused…
If you want to have a look, its DidsburyCarClub.ca…

Thanks so much for your time.

Do you have a link to the site that you can share? I’m on a Mac right now, and I can see if it works :slightly_smiling:

Www.didsburycarclub.ca :smiley:

I think that usually was a cache problem? (but I could remember wrong?)

For those that the site did not load, you could ask them to make a force reload, or reload from server, alternatively change the swf filename or add a query “?1” to the end of the swf path? (not sure the query would work)

Also, you probably want a swf preloader for your swf :slight_smile:

Haha! Yeah - I actually initially had the preloader, but Im one of those AS2 guys who is just learning AS3 - and my code wasnt working and the deadline was coming up so I had to just rig it for the time being - I can figure out what I did wrong - perhaps you can give me an idea? If I post it here, would you have a look?
As for the cache problem, yeah, I thought it might be that - but then it was going whitescreen for even people who had never opened the site before to begin with - therefore their cache would be empty, correct?
Would the publishing in LZMA format have something to do with that? I was trying to make the file smaller, as when I had it initially loaded, it jumped around all over the place - youd click on a button and it would randomly jump around - I hacked that up to it being too big- so I made everything as small as I could - hence the LZMA format. Im going to try and render it again here when I have time in standard and upload it again and see. A lot of these messages Im writing from the night job where I dont have access…
Thanks again for both your help - If you were near, I would buy a round of beers!

For the next few weeks I only have flash CS5. Other than that I could take a look at a preloader. Sure.

Reading on google there seems to be some unsupported cases of LZMA on mac, not sure how that would affect a swf? My hunch is that it would be more secure not to unpack whatever on internet? This should be easy to test.

My next suspect would be apple settings/security. I haven’t followed the development, but I guess there is a setting to silently kill all swf players in a browser. Probably something like energy saving? (All newer apple laptops/desktops have mobile processors( …or so I’ve been told), so they all probably follow some sort of mobile standards?

Hi guys, just letting you know, I still want you to take a look at my preloader code when you have a chance, but I actually dont have access to it right now - Im one of those fortunate souls who got hit by ransomware and am slowly getting everything back on track…someday soon however, I will be here bugging you guys again. Thanks - please keep this thread open so I can come back to it.

All the best!

Threads don’t auto-close :slight_smile: Good luck on recovering your content, and please do ping us once you have everything up and running again!