Desperately need your input


I have put this url in SOTW, the reason I put this url in a new thread is because I badly need your information.
My client told me that some people unable to access the site.
I have tried everything, so I’m clueless… where did I go wrong…
the last thing that I can do now is fix the preloader, because the last preloader only showed up when it reached 22%.

so here you go the link:

let me know [reply this thread] whether it’s working or not.
if you are too lazy to reply… just say something like “works or doesnt work” it really will help me alot.

I really appreciate it guys… really appreciate it

thanks in advanced

[SIZE=1]it loaded for me but it took a long time to get there and
I’m on cable. Once it loaded the animations were a bit choppy,
but I imagine that’s cuz of the frame rate. You might want to
increase it a bit to smooth it out some.

Looked good once it was up tho. nice work.


it works fine for me…:slight_smile:

is it published in player 6?:-\

if so, that is probably why the “some can’t see it”:evil: if they only have the Flash 5 player.



hey guys thanks…
UNFLUX, how long did it take? a minute? the file size is 700kb though.
well, yeah, probably its because of the frame rate, I’ll try to fix this thing later.
anyway UNFLUX did you experience a white background for a while before the preloader starts?

reverendflash, yes its published in flash 6, but I put a detection page so ppl with flash player lower than 6, it will be prompted to macromedia website… so I dont know if this is the problem.

thanks ppl really appreciate it

I have had problems with a detect script… I don’t think they work very well with all browsers:*( especially Mac on Netscape 4.x ) :rambo:

I might suggest a non-flash static intro with a link to the flash 6 player, if you need to publish in 6.=)

that is why I don’t publish in 6 at the moment…:evil: I have too many clients who use Macs, and have download Phobia…:cool:

If they don’t have the 6 player, all you get is a white space :-\

This will be a problem until the player 6 reaches saturation.:frowning:


have you tried deployment kit from macromedia?

loaded fine and did not take too long for me (cable)

my only criticism is that the main movie opened in a second window then a list of clients in yet another window.

it may be just me but i hate closing windows (especially the first one that had no reason to b there but to advertise (and was covered by the main movie anyways))

just my humble as it’s way to classy for little old me to do



thanks Gary
no problem, I like critics, they make me survive :slight_smile:

the reason why my client wants a seperate window is because they don’t know how to update/edit flash, they only know HTML, and I worked for them per porject only.

thanks really appreciate it. :slight_smile:

lol so you should have sold them a support package for those times when there are no customers to pay the rent.

cheers m8eboy


Great work!

I am currently on dial up and it worked great no prob! Wasn’t to slow loading either just a minute.

I really like the layout and clean look and feel, navigation very easy also.

Nice work!