Flash site lagging

i made a site u can see at http://www.asgardshards.com

now as u may notice the site runs pretty slow once loaded…

the thing is, WHY? I only recall two reasons for that…is it because i use external swf’s to build the site Or because every site uses 25 fps???

if it is the fps what is a good fps for flash sites with animations?

It’s really not lagging too much for me. Your FPS should be fine, you could even bump it up to 31. The only thing I noticed that lagged a bit were some of the animations with motion blurs. Unfortunately there is nothing you can do to improve that other than remove the blurs. Blurs in flash are very taxing on systems so it is best to keep them to a minimum.

P.S. I like your 3D models.

thanks…bout the models, they are not mine, but our teams…

and i think ill remove the blurs then…its just that some users experienced lagging every time the lightning animation of the backround occurs…

cool, regardles, they’re nice.