Flash smoke effects

Go to http://www.vincentcassel.com/ and ‘biographie’ (yup it’s in froggy im sorry)

Does anyone know how the smoke is done ? It impresses me…

ugh, I’ve got to get a lobotomy and subsequent replacement. Atm I can’t make a lick of sense out of how to get particles going.

I beleive that effect was pre-rendered or drawn. It follows a pattern, one stream will wave on the right, a huge puff emerges and one goes vertical then it stops and loops again, so not particle generation.

anway I attached a quick experiment in mask and duplication I did a while back. Ignore anything stupid (I name and declare according to mood and here I was just screwing around so there are plenty of bad habits) and don’t read it too close or you will more than likely find too many mistakes. Dispite the fact it’s a flame it could easily be smoke by fading it rather than scaling it and posibly if it was irregular you could rotate it too.

not all of us have flash mx2004

Sorry, I keep forgeting to save back. I’m addicted to ctrl+s. New one comming soon.

ok, this is the last file with smoke added, stuff taken out and saved for MX…
use it however.