Realistic Smoke

I’ve created a tutorial on realistic smoke. You can only do it in flash 8 because its created using simple filters but it is still a good read for anyone else. Its step by step with pictures! So read up on it here, and post your comments.

:wink: Yes I know its not that fasinating but its a easy way to experiment around with filters.

Here is realistic dust/ smoke:

(you can change the rate at which the particles come out, but I turned it up for my computer, they might be a little high for some, sorry)

now that’s a nice particle engine :slight_smile:

Let me know if you want the source, It was to big to post here.

hijacked? lol

A little, sorry, I was just trying to help. I learn the best by example so if you want to see my code feel free to PM me or reply and I can hook you up.

Yeah you need to work on that smoke puff. Looks a lot like a native american signal fire lol. I wanna see someone make a stream of smoke, like coming off of a cigarette.

I just learned how to do smoke about 15 minutes ago from that tutorial and it looks pretty good. That guy did some smoke for, it’s in the top banner and it’s streaming (like cigarrate smoke but constant) and it looked great.