Flash Transparency Issue Again

Although I’m not an expert I’ve been using flash for a few years on and off. I’ve run into this problem before but ignored it. But I cannot let go this time.

The problem is that when I import any type of bitmap image that allows for transparency (I’ve tried them all: psd, png, gif), flash renders the transparent sections of the image a slightly different color than the background on which they are sitting. For example, if I draw a circle on a transparent background (200 x 200) in photoshop then save it (png, gif, psd) and import it to flash, I see the circle, but I also see a very light shaded rectangle (200 x 200).

It should be noted that the backgrounds I’m using are usually a darker tint, and that the lcd screen on my HP laptop exaggerates the outline/square (makes it a little more obvious than other screens I work on). I’ve tried importing from imageready and fireworks - the problem prevails.

I would greatly appreciate any help. I’ve uploaded the elements of the project in a zip file to www.fulloutfit.com/roadQuill.