Transparency Problems

Alright. My problem is this:

I am trying to insert a picture into my Flash movie, and it comes with a white ‘border’ around the picture (Where the focus image ends, and the background begins.) I want to insert it into my movie, but I want the border to be removed so that I can tween it without having to pain-stakingly pixelxpixel change the background. I’ve thought of vectoring, but I can’t figure out how to change a bitmap into a vector image with Illustrator 9.

More specifically, if it is helpful, this is for a sprite comic flash demonstration (similer to

Thanks for any help, ahead of time. ^^

If you import a .gif file or a .png file the transparency should not be there.

If the transparency in there, if you have Photoshop open it up in there and make sure it has the transparent background. If so, go to file/save as and select .gif and make sure the transparency box is selected. Save your file and reimport, it should work.

If not, try png, .png images take up more file size though.

Ah, thanks a ton. ^^ Never thought to use import, I was copy/pasting. Um, a new quick question if you know, how do you switch an existing .gif file from one having a non-transparent background, to one with a transparent background? Er, how do I make my white background file have a transparent background instead?

If you import your .gif image into flash you probably won’t have to worry about that. As for if it is an existing image that you want to edit in photoshop, you have a lot of erasing to do. Or you can use the magig wand tool to select the white area and just hit delete. Make sure you delete the layer labeled “Background” or you you copy and paste the image into a new document with an already transparent background.

Wow, thanks a ton. ^^ I ended up breaking down and using the ‘Sample colors’ tool, but I didn’t realize hitting delete would render transparency, instead of the background color. :slight_smile:

No problem. It is definitely a good tip to know:)