Flash tutorials for Newbies

Well here it is. Tutorials for Newbies 101 and 201 (prep for Ray of Light Tutorial) are up. I probebly still have some work to do on them, but all you newbies who are looking for really basic information are welcome to stop by Centerspin.com and check them out. I encourage feed back. Let me know what you think, if something could be explained better, or if you find a mistake. (It happens).


Just follow the links through my homepage

You forgot to mention that they have to click on your sig. The newbies might not know…And your tuts are very good.

lol too true

well it’s www.centerspin.com

just look for the tuts on the right hand side of the page… it’s too simple to miss them :slight_smile:

OK, just started page 1… I just wanted to correct something : Java is OOP, not JAvascript (not that I know).

pom 0]

umm… I believe that they are both OOP… though I’ll certainly check to see how I worded that. Thanks POM… keep the corrections coming.

you know… that’s a good question and one I just can’t recall… is it “Java script” or “Javascript”? I guess it must be Javascript… I’ll correct that.