Needed. Novice Flashers

I’m in need of a couple of really newbie flashers to help me out with beta testing a tutorial. This is the first tutorial I’ve ever done, so I guess there are a lot of things to correct. Just post back and I’ll send you what you need.


Want a newbie for your tutorial. You dont get much newer than me. and I suck horribly. So I would be glad for you to help me help you. Kind of an I scratch your back and you scratch mine. E-Mail me at [email protected]

well i dont like to think i suck, but I am a newbie…I’ll do it. I’m willing to learn how to do anything…i can’t wait to actually be good enuff to make my own sites…

forgot to add my e-mail:: [email protected]

with a sig like that, you’re well on your way sir. Nice sig… :slight_smile:

lol thanks a lot UPU. that actually means a lot to me :slight_smile:

I’ll post the link as soon as I get home. And Not Jubba, your sig is really great. I like it very much.
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Done guys. Have fun with it.

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Pom…that was great. It worked perfectly. I only have a chance to fly thru it and just get it done. I still have no idea wut the actionscript actually meant, but i will take a look later. But that was very easy to use, and it worked perfectly

what about me :wink:

You’re not a Newbie, Ben !!!
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You still need more guinea-pigs?! Im available!

i was jus’ playin’…:wink: