Needed. Novice Flasher

I’m in need of a couple of really newbie flashers to help me out with beta testing a tutorial. I’ve got one, as well as plenty of middle weight testers, but I could use one more newbie. The less experience the better.

Ask Phil, he’s got more posts than anybody here, but he’s a total newbie. That’s what’s nice with him. He’s like a child. He seems to discover every technique even though he’s seen it two minutes ago.
0] Just kidding. But I still think you could submit, Phil.
0] pom

Probebly you’re right. He would be good to test this. I’d also appreciate you’re experienced eye taking a look at it… I don’t want to publish the Url yet though.

you have AIM?

Avec plaisir ! I don’t have AIM, but an email : [email protected]

I sent it to you and him.

Thanks for any input you have.

I am a newbie, thanks for the compliments on my surf shots. I am eager to learn and to drink lots of beer while I do. email me at [email protected]


OK, I hour 40 minutes to complete the tutorial, without hurrying too much. But hey, it’s worth any femtosecond of it. Great effect, really. Actually, I tried the tutorial by Master S. himself on Flashkit, and the result was nothing comparable to that. It kicks asses !!!

By the way, I found some glitches in the Matrix :
2.c : 2nd and 5TH BUTTON of the align panel
7.a : you’ll find it in VIEW > Swap to objects
11 b : Frame 9 and 21, and then 15 and 25. Problem here
14 b : end of the phrase : on frame … 10, maybe ?

I had one last problem : when I have to motion tween at the end, I didn’t use your techniqe, since I diin’t understand how you can set a motion tween before putting your images, so I used my old F6 key to put a keyframe, and sometimes the frames appeared separated from the rest of the frames by a little black vertical line, sometimes it didn’t. Hard to explain. Anyway, that’s not much of a problem.

It’s a great tutorial. You guys have no idea what’s coming to you…

pom 0]

hehehe… thanks… that’s some good glitches caught. I’ll impliment changes. 40 minutes!! Smoken… that’s better than I could have hoped for.

For the surfer… I think I have all my beta testers, but with any luck the tutorial will be posted at kirupa and centerspin before the week is out.

i wanna see it! ^^ ( well im semi n00b lets say… )

Like a child? That was sweet Pom. You meant beautiphul like a child right? Let me check my box and see if I got that from uppy yet. If not, it is [email protected]. Just got up, boy does it pheel great. I got sleep, was also let out of the attic the other night and allowed to watch TV. Sweet.

<img src= ALT=":"> like a child. sweet.

I meant 1 hour and 40 minutes. And I only used I, l, y, a, s.

:slight_smile: 1:40 is still pretty good. It took me a week to go through the tutorial in New Masters of Flash.

Oooohhhh Guinnie pigs vs Lab rats… boy Phil, some mornings I’m really slow. :slight_smile:

Davey boy-

Either you call us Lab Rats or I won’t do it. Thats phinal!

that phugly philmeister

ok my Lab rats. .

I’ve gotten some good suggestions. Still waiting on a couple of people, but that’s good… means it’s pretty clean. I’ll work on it tonight and maybe have it posted by morning… depends upon workload.

I just got into my E-mail and I’ve got four or five people I said I’d help.

<~Pulling out hair

ah well… we keep plugin away.

Still coming back 404, seems you only pick up a certain amount of info from each e-mail. Not that many words you know…Don’t know why it’s happening but Im getting a 404 on that link.


It can’t be my mail system. The first email I sent went out to both you and Pom. Pom used the same link you are using.

I’ve tried sending the address by way of an Ezboard private message, maybe it will work that way.

How do I recieve an ez board private? [GOT IT, It works] Also, tell Kirupa that this link is acting pretty funky, take a look at it, it needs help.


I also can recieve any size email @ this address;

 [email][email protected][/email]

Actually, the link was slip (edit : split, of course) in two. You had to concatenate the 2 bits of address, Phil, to make it work.
Ah la la la …
0] pom

wow that is freaky… hehe

I uploaded some changes… though truthfuly Pom, a part of your message seemed garbled…:slight_smile: I did my best, but take a look at it again to see if everything you noticed is fixed.

Thanks again for the help guys. I know the Newbies will be pleased with this one.

(you all have R30Buff to thank for kicking my butt enough to get this done… something about that kid just makes me wanna work.)