Flash UI Components Questions

Hello there once again. I’m trying to make a multiple choice type of questionnaire in Flash MX, and I was trying to play around with the UI Components. Being quite new to them, I’m wondering…

  1. How do I make use of checkboxes or radio buttons so that when I click on my “Accept” button, it gets the value of what I assigned to a particular checkbox or radio button.

ex. There are four choices: (Man, Dog, Cat, Bruce Willis)

When I put a mark on Bruce Willis and then click my “Accept” button, I want it to add one point to my score.

  1. How do I make use of listboxes, scroll panels, and combo box given the same scenario?

*** Thanks a lot again in advance for your help guys!

Using checkbox and radiobuttons is not very practical to get the user’s input. You have to browse through all the answers manually.

Combobox is much easier because you can use getSelectedItem().label.

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Hey thanks again… right now I’ll have to start with the combo box since it’s a bit clearer than the others… have a fun time hehe…

Someone just told me to store the clicked box inside an array. Not a bad idea…

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