Flash Var to Dynamic Text Field

Let me start off like most AS3 noobies and say sorry for the following question that might seem trivial.

I have a 3 word phrase that needs to be in my flash movie, and it needs to be localized. I’m using an external AS file for all my code. Figured I would just make a flash var and pass our string value in that way. So I made a dynamic text field, gave it an instance name of “mytextfield” which is in a MC called “detail_mc”.

Just for kicks I tested my code on the stage just on a keyframe, this was the code:

var myText:String;
if (mytext == undefined) myText = "No Value Entered";
mytextfield.text = myText;

That worked for my test. So I took this over to my AS file and there is just no magic happening. I’m not exactly sure whats the problem but hoping its a simple fix. I’ve been looking for a few hours but nothing has helped

Any help would be very much appreciated. Thank you in advance for any replies.