Why are most sites about flash not composed in flash?

I’ve always wondered this. If flash is really as good as html or some other web designing application then why don’t these sites use flash in creating thier own page?

www.kirupa.com www.flashkit.com www.actionsript.org

cause they are to good for that

Well if you’re going to have a site that gets updated frequently then it would be much more practical to have a HTML based site. Flash is used if you want to add a bit more flare and interactivity. www.kirupa.com has a bit of flash and so does www.ultrashock.com

A site that gets updated regularly would be a pain to update if it was built entirely out of flash.

hehe because it would be WAY to hard to make these sites in flash. Plus it wouldn’t be convient. It would be a ***** to have to read all these tutorials off a flash site. Web designers choose what to use to make their sites depending on the content and the content of these sites would definately not fall in the “make in flash section”

Site containing a lot of information would be extremely hard to use if made in flash. It would be difficult to search for content and to link to specific parts of the site.

plus bandwidth


try loading an entire kirupa forum inside of your flash interface before you could look anything up…

And since it’s flash… Everyone epxetcs point click point click and no load in the middle :wink:

All right, everything has been said already but here are my 2 cents anyway:

There are no forums developped in Flash like there are in HTML.
Displaying loads of texts has never been Flash’s best suit.
After all, Flash is mainly a tool for designers, and that’s not what those sits are about.

pom :slight_smile:

Flash delivers multimedia and is good for the wow sites and sites that have smooth transition not the 25.5 images remaining thing on the status bar.

Its kinda like the difference between a new paper ad and a tv ad.

if you tried to deliver a multimedia ad in a newpaper it may loose something!

*Originally posted by Ilyas da Pom *
**There are no forums developped in Flash like there are in HTML. **

there has been a forum built in flash: http://www.phpforflash.com/board/index.php

as for sites like flashkit, kirupa and ultrashock there are several very good forums that are available to download for free so it’d be silly for someone to spend weeks building a complete forum in flash when they are readily available prebuilt.

I’m currently working on a Flash forum that doesn’t need asp, php, sql (or any form of database) or even an http server to run!

I made my site typhoon extensions originally in html then got into flash so redesigned a new one in flash so then i had both. It got piss annoying updating 2 website each time as I frequently updated them. So I thought ill get rid of the HTML site. I have to say it was probably the the mistake of the sites life. Each time i added a extension or component I had to animate the download button like the rest and make the descriptions etc etc it took so long. Now Because it takes so long the site is no longer updated lol HTML rules for quick updating sites. flash is fo people to show off and keep people less bored


p.s. how the hell are u making a flash forum without any server sided scripting

All crap.
If you use a database, design a good backend for easy addition/editing,
then have a Flash shell to display the info, it’s just as easy to update as html, just need to design the site with the scalability and update options in the first place!
With PHP for example, you can design backend forms which allow the admin to at the same time upload a new image for a picture/product gallery, resize the img for thumbnail, resave it as jpg if it isn’t to load into Flash, add a title and comment, all in one click, no need for image editing, swf update etc…
It’s up to you to design the site AND backend in a way as to get done what you want… the mainpage of www.flash-db.com is all Flash for example…
so no more bull$hit please.
rude words, i apologize, but it’s just too easy to say “flash can’t do this and that” , “html is so much better for X or Y”…
not true most of the time.
As for displaying large amounts of text in Flash, readabilit etc, crap again, there’s enough good pix fonts which are as readable as any TT font, you can give the user choices of font sizes, MX 2004 now supports a certain number of CSS styles etc…
Again, it’s not Flash, it’s the designer!
same as saying “my computer is stupid”…
lol :slight_smile:

agreed, there’s no good reason why a flash site can’t be quick and simple to update with good planning. The second release of my first site, ConnectGames, was very dynamic in its functionality as well as content. Perhaps then its because the html/db path is a better known one that people tend to favour that?

p.s. how the hell are u making a flash forum without any server sided scripting

the forum requires a computer running an xml socket server to run. The ‘serving’ computer runs a forum server flash app that recieves page requests over the xml socket and sends out the required data. The forum itself is a standalone flash executable that connects to the socket server directly on the serving computer. When a new thread or reply is submitted, the forum server app recieves the data and saves it to the serving computer’s hard drive using a shared object.

No database, no back-end, no http server. And its very quick polishes nails :stuck_out_tongue: (-:

there may be problems with scalability and large amounts of data but I won’t know until I’ve been able to test it fully

Yes, agreed with Eyez. If everything is planned out correctly then there is no reason that Flash can’t be used to do something as large as Kirupa (or as disorganized as Flashkit). It does require a lot of work to get the primary shell up, however…

Hey, no need to swear, Joe :bad: Rontudju!!
I guess that the problem’s just in our heads then. For so long, Flash has been used because you could do cool tweens (up to v.4 at least). F5 introduced some of us (not me :beam: ) to the world of flash combined with PHP, but it’s really now with Flash MX that it’s actually possible for a regular human being to build an application such as a Flash forum.

And FMX is only 1 1/2 years old. So I’m sure that all we need is some time to get used to the idea… :slight_smile:

I’m waiting for Kerman’s new book on RIA’s in MX 2004 to arrive…

Hope it’s good stuff…

PS: je rigoooole :wink: (pour le b$…)

I’ll say that Flash can do this stuff… Because I’ve done it before…

But it’s still unpractical… Not only do you have to know a decent amount of AS… But you also have to know ALOT about PHP and Databasing… Someone like me or you Eyez… No sweat… I’ve done it before, no biggie…

But your avergae joe flasher or joe phper most likely doesn’t know how to create an entire portal system or an entire shell in Flash to handle all of the information.

Until it gets to the point where Flash does not need PHP to communicate directly to a databse system (and not XML) quickly and effectively… You are still better off just doing it in HTML. :slight_smile:

As for the XML Sockets… That’s even more unpractical than Flash to PHP with Databasing… Because now you are getting into XML Socket Server handling… That’s creating a constantly running XML Socket exe file on your server (C++ or Visual Basic knowledge (maybe Java too now)), then you need to know how to do XML Socket Transfers on Flash and you gotta know how to process all that information as well… That narrows down the average joe flasher alot…

So… Yes… Flash can defiently handle all of the ****… But it’s still entirely too unpractical for the average person to handle… Programming and all of that, I and some of you can handle, but it’s not for everyone… :slight_smile:

Can ya agree on that? hehe… :slight_smile:

And it’s like if you picked up a dictionary and saw in the definition of a word that same word you’re looking up.

Well that’s how I see it at least…

*Originally posted by buddhamarz *
But you also have to know ALOT about PHP and Databasing…

Forgive me for sounding ignorant, but being a bit of an oddball in knowing very little about html I have a question…

surely the html equivilent of whatever php/asp and database powered flash site would still require exactly the same php/asp and database backend to power it? The html/flash just being the graphical front end to the raw data being generated by the backend??

As for the XML Sockets…

whoa there cowboy, don’t get me wrong I’m not saying everyone should be doing things this way, far from it. I was just offering that as an example of a different way of achieving the same/similar results. More of a BTW than anything.

And yes xml sockets aren’t the easiest of things to get into and your average flasher won’t know enough about them/won’t have access to the right kind of server. But then would the average flasher know enough to knock out an html site backeneded with php/asp and a db (going back to my first q)? (-:

since the scrollbar doesn’t support my mousewheel, scrolling text in flash sucks.
also, the “php for flash” board does feel nice, but the preloading sucks, too. i’m using a DSL line with 90 kb/s downstream and a forum should run quickly then, which the php for flash board doesn’t.