Flash within flash

Hi guys i need help.

Well im not gd at english but i will try to explain my problems.
How do u all load a flash file and within it when u click on another icon or something it call another flash without exiting the main one. eg. like 2advance.com, itcatmedia.com???

and how to create blur effects on images using flash?


I think you are just talking about loading another movie.
if so it’s real simply

on (release) {
loadMovie (“exact url here”, “target or level to load to”);

target allows you to have an instance on the stage to which the new movie loads to. Level allows you to load load the new movie to the root level (0). This will replace the original movie. If you load to level 1 or high it will load over the root level.

I hope this is what you were asking.
Good luck.

oh ok but how do we know the position where it suppose to appear? and let say there’s a flash file on level 1. level 0 backdrop would be block is it according to the stage size?


1st decide on where you want the movie to be loaded.
Draw a mc symbol on the stage where you’d like the movie to be loaded. Give this mc symbol an instance name (like target).

Then lets say you are going to have a button that onlick loads your new movie (newmovie.swf) into the “target”.

You’d add this script to the button which will (onPress) load the newmovie.swf

on (release) {
loadMovie (“newmovie.swf”, “target”);

That should do it for you. If you have any questions just shout.


I missed part of your question, sorry . . . .

Level 0 is the root level. If you have a button on the stage that has this code on it

on (release) {
loadMovie (“target.swf”, 0);

This would load to level zero & replace your current scene.

I hope this is what you were asking

er… wats mc?

would the movie i load block the level 0 view?

i thought every flash file has its own stage where u want ur stage to be in wat color?

Hi, I’ve copied your questions & answer each one below:

er… wats mc?
mc is Movie Clip, Sorry

would the movie i load block the level 0 view?
If you load a movie to level 0 is will replace
whatever is on your stage.

i thought every flash file has its own stage where u want ur stage to be in wat color?
Every Movie Clip has it’s own timeline. There is only 1 place to set your movie parameters.

ok sorry abt that last question. how do u determine the stage size if let say if i want to put the second flash file at the center right of the whole page? how do we measure? well if theres any tutorial out there where i can see my examples?


I know what you’re saying, but I don’t think the quesitoner does… :slight_smile:

about blocking by levels.

Only the Flash player has an opaque background… any movie loaded into level1 level2 etc will have a transparent background.

Anything loaded into a higher level will block the view of the lower level where there are elements in the movie.

possitioning is easy enough to figure out. all movies loaded into levels, possition themselves by their upper left corner. So if you have a 600/600 embeded object with an swf in it’s level0, and you load a 600/400 swf into the level1, there will be a 200 pixel wide strip on the right hand side of the movie where level0 will show through.

Thanks Up,
Well explained


poorly spelled, but well explained. :slight_smile:

yah thanks! thats the one i’ve been toking abt. Level 0 will be opaque the rest like level 1,2,3… will be transparent. thanks man. ok for the positioning u mention means that it does not function like DHTML where u can placed ur layers on anywhere in the HTML. for this part we have to calculate from the upper left corner. am i right?

yup. If you want exact possitioning you can use loadMovie instead of loadMovieNum, and you can load the swf into a target movie clip. In this method you then have control over positioning of the loaded elements. I find this method to be a little more useful, and keeping in line with what I already know how to do with elements in a movie.

Thanks man I got it. :slight_smile: