Load movie

I made a movie with eight sections (with a grey background) and eight buttons on the bottom. When a buttong is clicked, the corresponding movie.swf is loaded by levels. When another button is clicked, the current movie unloads, and the new one loads. When it is placed on the internet, the transaction between the unloading and loading, it flashes white (when switching from lvl 0 to 0). Is there a way to not see the white? I selected a grey background in modify movie and that still does not work.

Confused :-\

the fla would help on this one. Are you loading and unloading into an empty mc? What is the color of the background of your empty mc? If it was imported, it would take the bg color of the original movie, maybe that is why it is flashing white. However, Im not even close to being sure about that.

Assuming you’re using flash5 (i don’t know about mx) there’s no fix for this - but there are a few workarounds including

  1. Load into a MC instance off stage then adjust _x _y
  2. Use 2 MC as holders one on stage, one off stage. Load into the holder that’s off stage (you can determine this by referencing the _X) then swap _x of both clips

What if I am not using Movie clips, but using Levels?

You’ll still need to load the swf off screen to avoid the flash.

If you need a stacking order you could consider creating holders using duplicateMovieClip() then adjusting their stacking order to suit.

Put a Stop action in the first frame
and now change the target to goto and play frame 2…thats it

The problem cozed u was the clip being grey and it flashes fast like white coz there is no stop action.

Thank you everyone :slight_smile: I got it.=)