Flashing effect

Hi everyone

I am new to scenes. I would like to make a site like this, with these fine flashing effects appearing after the scene has loaded. Could someone sketch out how that site works ‘cause I ain’t got a clue where to start? Is the main manu and the bottom part separated scenses or somethin’? How do I do that flashin’ effect?

Link to the site: [color=#800080]http://www.mjau-mjau.com/eidesound/index7.html [/color]

Help please

I am searching the same thing, here is my thread

I tried it but it doesn’t look as smooth. Framerate maybe?

Chances are I’m stuck now; this effect smells like lots of Action Script to me, but if someone could get me on the right path with this effect and account for the scenes structure on this website, perhaps I could carry through that alone later working by trial and error method. What I need is some startin’ point. :ne:

I guess you can do something like this…but its sorta tedious and I think hand tween is a lot easier. My code slows down as the swf goes on…I dont know why. Just tweak my code to adjust to your project.

Also in my opinion, I think coding in scenes is a bit redundant. In the end, the flash compiler collapses all the scenes into one anyways. Its just an authoring tool. I have yet to find a reason to code in scenes. I’ve tried it and things end up being harder to debug and code becomes cumbersome. But remember these are just my thoughts, feel free to author in the most efficient way you feel possible.

Thanks for your help and the attached file, which is a good place to start experimanting with scenes.

Oh and could you also take a look at the scenes at the this link ([color=#800080]http://www.mjau-mjau.com/eidesound/index7.html [/color]) and comment thereon? I know it’s a slightly trivial question, but I don’t know how they function. Are main menu buttons constantly put on each scene, or seperated, because they seem to be loading only once, and after clickin’ on them, the only things that chanage are particular scenes (the same goes with the bottom part). How would I do that?

Thanks and sorry for hassling you