Flashmx Help

I am new to FLASH and I am having a hard time with a few things. Although I should be asking this question LAST, let me start by asking it first :slight_smile:

Can someone please explain to me how I get to show the person browsing that the flash movie is loading on his net page? u know…that line that shows us loading X%? how do we do that?



do a search for “preloader” :nerd:

there are a ton of tutorials here.


Hi angie,
it was my big problem in my life to know how can i make a preloader…but when i read many tutorials i got it.
it’s very simple to do it but take it step by step…
as *reverendflash * said search for prelaoder and i’m sure you will do it alone…

THANKS SO MUCH GUYS :slight_smile:

hey swimmer i love the footer you have:beam:

:beam: :beam: :beam: :beam: :beam:
hey man… many thnax for your comment…
is it good… i felt is’t … (-:

i’m trying to make a new one… i hope you love it… :slight_smile: