[Flex] mx.containers.Canvas Problem

I have a custom class holding some information, a property in the class is an XML string and another method parses the XML add creates controls (labels and buttons) based on the xml. I also have a variable named renderer which is a mx.containers.Canvas. After the XML is loaded and the controls are added using Canvas.addChild() I add the Canvas to my stage. The problem I’m running into is that even though the Canvas is added to the stage, I cannot see any of the controls inside of the canvas. Doing a trace(Canvas.numChildren()); I can see that I have added 101 children to my canvas container (which is what my xml file shows) however they will not display - it’s like the controls are all set visible=false (although they’re not because I explicitly set visible=true on creation).

I know the canvas has been added to the stage because I can see the scroll bars when i set the policies to “on” and it even sets the scroll bars correctly if the components are too big for the canvas and would have to be scrolled down to see them all, it just doesn’t show any of the components.

Anyone run into a similar issue or have any idea how to fix this? I’m thinking there some type of method I need to call on my Canvas to get it to display its children??