FLVPlayback - can't close it. PLEASE help me

I have FLVPlayback component (video_load) on the stage and I have two buttons.
I want to load external .flv file (stream it) and I want to have oportunity to close it if I get bored with it (stop streaming in the same moment).

First button loads .flv file into this FLVPlayback component like this:

import mx.video.FLVPlayback;
var video_load:FLVPlayback;
video_load.contentPath = “Filmy/Filmik.flv”;

and I want the second button to close the above…

and here is my problem. Commands like “video_load.closeVideoPlayer()” don’t work cause I need index number but when I set that with “FLVPlayback.activeVideoPlayerIndex” it still doesn’t work. I tried everything. For example instead of closing it, to load a null .flv file but then my FLVPlayback stops loading external files completely (bug? the code was good for sure). I also tried to use unloadMovie but then FLVPlayback dissapear copletely and I can’t load anything any more…

I beg you people… help me