Fly the Copter

All of a sudden I’ve become addicted to this game:

[swf=“”]width=400 height=300[/swf]

Post your high score.

I think it gets pretty tough after 760… it’s going so fast… don’t have time to descend or ascend anymore :to:

534…I’m bad at this game


[size=1]804 :([/size]

I’ve seen people open the swf by itself and maximize the screen on a slower computer, low framerate = more reaction time = 1000+

now i got 949

good job! :thumb:

cheating son of a… 1540

this game is rough on the eyes…

338 :stuck_out_tongue:

i like sfcave better, you have more control, even though youre just a line.


…in the Cave thing :frowning:

Now I’m bored.:bored:

I’ve played it for a while. My best is 3309…