[fmx 2004] rendering html text & font embedding


I am having trouble rendering text that has html tags.
I has to do with the font embedding options.
I am passing a string to a field text variable (same thing happens for fieldname.htmlText) and here is what happens:

let’s keep it simple and say I pick Arial as my text field font.

  1. If I don’t embed any font outlines for that text field, the text field displays the string correctly (with the html right formatting) since my system has Arial installed.

  2. If I embed the font outlines:
    Basic Latin
    Latin I
    Latin Extended A
    Latin Extended B
    Latin Extended Add’l
    the text field skips the text that is between html tags like <b>john</b>
    so for…<b>john</b>peterson… it only displays “peterson”.

Am I missing any gliphs or what??? I don’t get it.
Any comments welcome. :d: