[fmx 2004] rendering html text & font embedding


I am having trouble rendering text that has html tags.
I has to do with the font embedding options.
I am passing a string to a field text variable (same thing happens for fieldname.htmlText) and here is what happens:

let’s keep it simple and say I pick Arial as my text field font.

  1. If I don’t embed any font outlines for that text field, the text field displays the string correctly (with the html right formatting) since my system has Arial installed.

  2. If I embed the font outlines:
    Basic Latin
    Latin I
    Latin Extended A
    Latin Extended B
    Latin Extended Add’l
    the text field skips the text that is between html tags like <b>john</b>
    so for…<b>john</b>peterson… it only displays “peterson”.

Am I missing any gliphs or what??? I don’t get it.
Any comments welcome. :d:

you need to embed for bold also.
How are you embedding fonts?


Well, how does it work with device fonts then?
I was using a font that does not have bold or italic per se but it works when flash makes it bold (like when you push the bold or italic button in the text field options). Same thing with Arial though. Flash actually seems to create bold or italic by itself rather than needing to have the actual bold or italic version of the font. Otherwise, how would flash display a font in bold if the actual bold version of the font does not exist?

I don’t know if you are familiar with 2004 but I just go to Character…(in field properties) and then I pick the font outlines that I need. How can I embed different fonts (or font faces) to the same text field then?

thanks. :kir:

Alas I am a poor Mx user.
I have to got to the library/new font/(tick bold etc), then go back to the library and tick export in first frame.