[FMX] Can someone plz teach me Actionscript?

can someone please? i don’t know what i could offer u so can u du i for free?

i will thank u forever and tell ppl where i learned


books are your best bet.

where are you from

*Originally posted by senocular *
**books are your best bet. **


MMh i’d say kirupaforum is your best bet, look around for flas and for tutorials on kirupa, looking at flash file and seeing how the work is a great help… I’ve learned much more on the forum in 2 months than in books for a year… The content are always new and somebody will always have the answer to your needs…

Knowledge is free, why should we pay for it ???

bust :hangover:



i have been searching more fine and i have found alot and plus i’m working on my game as we speak:toad: :m: :toad: