[FMX] dynamicaly created menu postioning "issues"

Hi - I’ve just made the menu (attached below.)

I want to be able to use it in another movie, in a specific location.

I think the way I’ve made it means that I can’t position it anywhere i want in the other movie… because placement is described fairly absolutely…

has anyone any ideas how to movie it to say (30, 30)??

(just using loadMovie() to bring it in…)

any help much appreciated


If you want to have the menu loaded into a main movie, on coordinates (30,30), create a blank mc, place it on those coodinates and use loadMovie(“yourmovie.swf”,container_mc) to load the menu into the blank mc.

Sorry - made a silly mistake…
Does work after all. Hope everyones enjoying my lovely menu! (all 9 of you who’ve d/led and not replied)

Wow, feeling of hostility there! Java argggh? Nah Java is wayyy cool.

i’m just a little sarcastic sometimes. no hostility intended.
also (if i’m not going to be shot for this) arggggh is for action script, as OO stuff is hideous in it… lets look forward to AS2!

ok, i’m getting confused with your messages. OO is hideous? (Negative remark about OOP right?) then why you looking forward to AS2?

OO is hideous in AS1 with this prototyping nonsense (IMHO.)

java style OOP in AS2 will be a big step forward