FMX Need Help Urgently (School Proj)

Is is possible to load a movie ising the loadmovie command into a different swf??? :cyclops:

The whole purpose of loadMovie is to load an external .swf file into the current .swf file.

Unless I misunderstood your question.

I have made a file called main.fla, in it there are several movie clips. One of these is called nav. I load my nav bar into this movie clip. In the nav bar there are 6 or 7 buttons, i was wondering if i could make it so that when you click the buttons it loads a movie clip into one of the movie clips in the main.fla. Tell me if you still don’t understand.

It’s possible, and not too difficult. The thing is that you have to find the right path to your container clips.

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what is the right path?? if my main is called “main.fla”, the nav is called “nav.fla” and the movie clip in main.fla is called “main frame”

Be more precise. Is the name of the clip “main frame” with a space??? And where is that clip?

yes with a space and it is in main.fla

Remove the space and then it would be


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Thanks I’ll Try it!!

Thanks for all the help
hopefully i’ll finish my proj soon and get good marks
thank-you again

I’d like to see that, man. Please post a link when you’re done :smirk:


Is it possible to make a button load an .exe??? The exe loads a movie in a little window and i was wondering if i could run that exe from within the projecter file!!

Any help i would be grateful for

P.S due this Fri

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fixed last prob
but, wat is the “get” command to find out what frame a specific movie clip is playing?

you could do soomething like:
<hr>someMovieClipFrame = _root.someMovieClip._currentframe<hr>

p.s. i don’t rmember if the ‘f’ in ‘_currentframe’ is capitalized.