Help with LoadMovie


I have this flash movie that I am developing and I need some help. What I’m going to do is, load most of the content into the flash movie thru the LoadMovie command, and I have a few swf files that contain just the Information it needs etc.

Im having problems however figuring out the path between the MC’s and the root of the main movie and the root of the loaded movie. For example, inside the loaded Movie I’ll have an MC called , lets say, externalMC. (and I loaded the swf containing externalMC into loadedMC).

As I gather, you can control the loadedMC by,

but I need the externalMC to call stuff to its parent.( which is the _root of the loaded movie).

Could someone help me with the relationships between MC’s and loaded movies and MC’s within Loaded movies?

(I know its like a long explanation, and I hope it makes sense =) )

It’s the instance name of the movie clip that you are loading the swf into.

so if in mainSwf we have a movie clip called holder and we want to load an external swf called “menuBar” into the holder clip we would use it like this.


then we would tell the menu bar to do stuff like this.


if there was a movie clip inside the swf called menuBar called “NavigationConstruct”, then we would tell it what to do like so


Alrighty, that makes sense =)

now if i wanted to control another movie clip from within the loaded movie etc…

for example, i have the MC instance as follows


(this MC is located on the swf I’m loading. )

and if i wanted to to this code:;

now because its _root, it points to the _root of the Main Movie, (from which im loading the MC into.) In this instance would i use the ? I’m really not sure how the _parent works.

Thank you for your help =)

I don’t know if you can do what you’re doing. :slight_smile:

are you using loadMovie to load an swf into a target movie clip, or are you using loadMovieNum to load an swf into a target level?

Im using the loadMovie to a targeted movie clip.

Im probably not explaining it right =).

Im basically trying to figure out how the relationship between the MC and the movie im loading into it. I suppose im probablly making this harder than it really is. hehe.

Just curious, if you load the Movie into a target level, using the loadMovieNum, is there better control? or just you can load more movies at once…?

Thank you again for your help.