FMX2k4 Projector issue

Alright, this isn’t a very technical or convoluted problem. I’m making a simple interactive movie, and being as controlling as I am, naturally invoked the ‘Stage.showmenu = false’ code in the first frame of the movie. This is the first time I’ve really attempted to use this, and I noticed later upon exporting the projector file that there was a top and bottom margin problem. The problem being that there were approximately 10 excessive pixels on the top and bottom of the projected movie. I would assume this simply a result of the newfound lack of a menu – being that it would presumably take up the space of roughly 20 pixels at the top.

I’ve attempted to combat this the only way I could think to (short of resizing the entire stage, thereby truncating the bottom and leaving the top unaffected), which is to play with all the Stage.scaleMode properties. At first it seemed that changing the scaleMode to exactFit resized the movie correctly – as there was no more visible top and bottom breaks – but as more experienced actionscripters have probably guessed, this just made it stretch the movie by those ~20 pixels, which is a very undesirable prospect.

This seems like it must be a common problem, and I’m admittedly inexperienced, so any managable solutions would be greatly appreciated.