Font Collection?

I wuz thinken bout maken a zip file…that has like a collection of some of my better fonts…and wuz wondering if anyone else wanted to do it too…if so, i’ll make it. Otherwise, just forget bout it.


ok, but i only have 4 good fonts.

i’m looking for this font. i dunno its name but it is usually used by most graphic artists for binary digits (0 and 1). the font has some “computer code feel.” anybody knows where i can get it?

Ok with me to zip some, but then what?
Where are ya gonna make all of’m available 2 everybody?
Is this legal?

im in the process of making a font on fontographer.

but…slight hitch,

how do ya publish the **** thing so ya can use it. the manual aint making sense??

can some1 tell me where i can get a font maker…i got alot of time 2 waste…or where i can get a good graffiti font?