My new font!

Hey guys i spent most of yesterday makeing my new font.

I will be honest and say its not compleatly mine for i tryed to replicate 04b_24 (and did a pretty good job at it, just a few things different) but this time it is optimized to werk in flash and ps. I know we have a few of the 04b fans here and this was my favorite font of them all, so i started from scratch and did it for flash. I got an idea floating in my head so i am going to put it to fontographer and will show it to you guys when i am done!

Mac version (untested)

I redid the special characters, turns out there was a space after them so that it was hard to use them. My apologies to those on a 56k. The space isnt bad but it was driving me loco. If you want to download it again, the link is the new one. it is all fixed, just delete the font from your list then reinstall!

nice font! .ttf file is fine for me but the .fon file is all messed up! But I think that’s just me!

that looks awesome! Although it’s a bit too small, you’ve a done a good job :slight_smile:

yeah its ment to be at an 8pnt, so it will be small. i am thinking of doing the international characters though…and i might be able to re-gen for a 10, but i dont know how it will turn out. i got fontographer open so its worth a shot.

Thanks for the kind words.

@Syko, forgot, lol, i dont know, i just included both…

also i am going to re-regen for mac

hey this thread might be intersting… are there any free soft to make fonts - i guess fontographer isnt at a giveaway price…

I found one, it was really easy to use acctually…um…hold on i will get the name

HighLogic’s Font Creator Program 3. i think i got it off there site a while back before i used Fontographer

hey dippy, thats really nice, great job:beam:

thanks! now that i look at it more, it didnt come out as bad as i though! hmm, i guess i will do another one!

put up a graphic so I dont have to download on my dial up ?

i am doing that right now. and i gues that high logic one isnt free, i donno, they have a trial though, but i know i got it for free off their site…

*Originally posted by morse *
**put up a graphic so I dont have to download on my dial up ? **

thanks ahmed! i updated my first post too

Thanks guys.


thats why i posted it, thanks!

I tired to make a pixel font but it wouldn’t work :frowning: - I made all the characters to find out it would get an error message when I save

anyone have a cool program to use?

by the way the font it AWSOME!
I downloaded it! That is really cool!!!

that’s very cool dippy. i agree about the size, but it’s still very readable.:slight_smile:

thanks guys! yeah it is a bit small the more i look at it. but if i change it now everything will get outta wack. i am making a new one so soon i hope to show once again~

:bump: read update in first post:sigh: