Font sizes

hi, your book has helped me a lot. i made my first front page site. its at: and interface is at:

i have a question text sizes. on above interface, i made my text sizes small so that wen they’re viewed with the browser set at large text size, then tables dont expand.

i’ve noticed that some sites’ text gets larger when this happens, but other sites’ text does not grow large or small.

is there a way in front page to tell the text to stay the same size no matter what the browswer text size is set for? also, is there a way to tell front page what frames to load when someone visits the site? on my site above, i have a flash file in the top frame and it takes a little while for it to load, even though the flash file is pretty small.


Hello mikemegan,
I don’t know how to tell FrontPage to not modify the font sizes of documents. There used to be an efficient way of using the Style dialog box and adjusting the font size, but newer browsers easily bypass that feature.

Regarding your second question, FrontPage loads all the frames you specify. It doesn’t pick and choose the order in which frames are loaded. The browser simply loads the frames that are referred to in the main frameset html file.