More font problems ;)

How do you set the default font size?
Like I want the default settings for every page to be:
Arial, 10pt, Black <-- :slight_smile:

Well, right click on an empty section of your page and select Page Properties. Go to Style | Format | Font. Specify Arial and 10pt and press OK a few times to close all the windows out.

Now, any text you type will automatically be Arial 10 pt.

Kirupa :ub:

No no, thats not what I meant. see, you know how you go to Tools then Page Options or something? And there is the default font tab? well that there doesnโ€™t specify the font SIZE

That setting is for whatever is displayed within FrontPage only. It does not affect any of your HTML pages. With that said, you cannot modify the font size for them because they are specified by FrontPage automatically.

Kirupa :rambo: