Small / large font settings

hi, i just bought your book and its been very helpful.

i just got front page. i recently used publisher for my web sites. i have a nagging question that i hope someone can help me with regard to front page…

with publisher, if someone’s computer settings were not set to large font display, it throws the web site i did out of whack. note: this does NOT have anything to do with screen rez - its the setting in a PC where you can make the display of fonts large or small…

will front page allow me to have better control over my sites so i wont have to worry when someone has a large font display setting on their PC? this problem has been very aggravating for me and i’m hoping that FP will somehow allow me to not have to worry about this any more. thanks!

Hello mikemegan,
The large font setting is a browser-only setting. There really is no way to circumvent that feature. The browser automatically scales the size of the font independent of what HTML code you may have used. I don’t think any program, including FrontPage, can prevent people from using the Text Size option and adjusting the font size of their content.