For Military Enthusiasts

I tried this game out and it has unlimited terrain, 100’s of vehicles, helicopters, jets etc, the terrain is fully destructible, take down trees and buildings etc to your advantage for camoflage. Some bases are close urban combat, while others it takes full 3 minutes to fly to a base full speed in helicopter. If you get stranded or shot down, you’re looking at a long walk. The tank warfare is crazy. The only thing i found bad about it was that it has no support for grass, and it has a low player base. The game demo is the worst trash i’ve seen in my life, buy the real thing, only costs $5 or less online. The graphics are ok, but if you’re looking for realism, this game has it. I flew a helicopter with 14 passengers, then my helicopter blade clipped the side of the runway tower, 100% casualties, lol, i’m going to be called noob forever :frowning: