FOR SALE: Macromedia Studio MX - Opened, original packaging - AU$750


Macromedia Studio MX
Opened but in perfect condition with original serial stickers and manuals that came with it etc

All the apps you always use:


If you are interested, leave a reply and email me.

NOTE: Purchaser will need to pay for shipping

I pay a bit more, get a new pack with free shipping and a garanti :smiley:

From my research (Australian based!!) at this price the purchaser could upgrade cheaper!!

maybe I’m wrong, otherwise kindly retract your comments.

why you sellin it?

is that with flash pro?

its flash MX == flash 6
there were no different versions for MX (like the pro and not pro versions in mx04)

Its Studio MX so its the older version, otherwise there should have been the number 2004 next to MX.

Bloddy McGiver, too fast! :smiley:

hehee :smiley: faster

hmm, you got me the second time :frowning:

oh yeah… didnt see that… lol. :slight_smile:

i can get studioMX 2004/w flash pro for AU$425.00 anyway. :smiley:

oh… and your not gonna sell it for that much…

AU$425?!?! for an educational version?

this is a full commercial licence.

if I have completely miscalculated please let me know…

why you sellin it?

cause I no longer require it for the freelance work I was doing.

oh yeah educational ofcourse… :beer: (i work in a school as an IT tech.(-: )