For those of you with an X360 intercooler read this

Well as many of you may know I own a X360 so way back when people were going crazy with X360 heating up and stuf I purchased a Nyo Intercooler for it just to be safe, great right thats what I thought.

I’m not going to lie my X360 has crashed less than 10 times since I’ve owned it I would just move around the power plug on the intercooler and it would work again, no problem right?

Well to my surprise I decided to clean my x360 today and when I tried to take off the intercooler the bastard wouldn’t come off so I kept trying to get it off when I finally did get it off I noticed part of power supply connector was melted yes you read right MELTED
so as of today my X360 is intercooler less.

I advise any of you owners of a X360 and own a Nyko Intercooler to check it out because this can become a serious fire hazard and not only bust your console but also put your house/family at risk.

I’m going to write a letter to Nyko and let them know about this before this can cause some serious problems to consumers.

Anyways I just wanted to keep my fellow kirupians informed, be safe and check your Intercooled X360.