For you people in London area

In-Store Performance on Monday, May 26th in London

Don’t miss Ben Harper and the Innocent Criminals while they visit the UK and perform live and sign autographs at the Virgin Megastore on 14-16 Oxford Street in London at 5pm!

anybody want to contribute to the

“Send Rev to London Fund” ?

:stunned: :love: :thumb:


Oooo, that’s not far away… :beam:

Stereophonics are at the Virgin Megastore in June as well. Mmmmm, Kelly Jones… <b>drools</b>

kelly jones? oh please…


*Originally posted by Kitiara *
**Oooo, that’s not far away… :beam:

Stereophonics are at the Virgin Megastore in June as well. Mmmmm, Kelly Jones… <b>drools</b> **

I was thinking of you when I saw this… :love:

I just saw a free Iguanas show @ Amoeba Records on Haight last weekend… You get to browse for music while watching a live show… what a concept…




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**kelly jones? oh please…

hehe **
What? :stuck_out_tongue: I met all three of them when they were filming Top of the Pops last year (they used to record it in the same building that I worked in) - got their autographs and kissed them all - especially the delectable Mr Jones. :slight_smile:

*kit the groupie…*lol

ive never been to a signing before! at leeds borders (book shop) i think ronnie o’sullivan is soon signing his autobiography! so i may go!

what, you dont know who ronnie is?

Snooker player. :slight_smile: Ronnie “The Rocket”. :stuck_out_tongue:

Not a groupie, just love the 'Phonics. :slight_smile: They filmed TotP there for a year or so, and I got to know a couple of the blokes on security. They told me that the Stereophonics were in that day, and in exchange for a couple of pints in the bar, they got me in to meet them. :beam:

thats way cool!

btw kit - went to finsbury park last year and saw oasis! they were cool, and on before them were the black rebel motorcycle club and the charlatans… it was so cool (and im into hiphop lol!)

I’ve got a couple of autographs… Funny who they are really, since I have met quite a few “famous” people, and haven’t asked for many…

My friend, Habib Koite, from Mali …

Dusty Baker, ex-mgr of the Giants (one of my personal heros)…

Julia Child, of course…

Bo Frieberg, a “famous” Master Pastry Chef I studied under…

But really, when it comes to Music, I just haven’t the desire to ask, usually due to the situtation… I have gone on an autograph hunt to get a show poster signed by a bunch of artists for a friend who couldn’t make it to the show…

I babble…



Good man! :slight_smile: Love them too, and the Charlatans. :slight_smile: Never seen Oasis live, but I’d like to…

Think probably the best thing (aside from Kelly Jones) was when we snuck in to watch Eminem and D12, right up close as they were rehearsing. :beam:

oh man kit that musta been cool!

Way, <i>way</i> cool. :slight_smile:

<kindergarten argue voice> Yeah? Well has part of Kenny Roger’s band eaten over your house? Huh? </kindergarten argue voice> lol. man i want to meet Em so bad, but just to see him like you did would be good enough

No, but I’ve… er… I’ll get back to you on that. :slight_smile:

Eminem was amazing. He’s not as big as you think he is, but he’s got presence… All the TotP crew were scared of him.

yeah i never thought he was big, but he seems to know what he wants.