Forms in Flash

I’m having some problems making forms work in Flash. Basically I’m using the code from a tutorial I found on Kirupa, but here is the issue. I’ve created a couple of Radio Buttons that are labeled “yes” and “no”. This is the code that I have placed in an action layer above:

function customQuestion(component) {
custom = component.getValue();


When I click “yes” or “no”, my variable “custom” takes on yes or no, as it should. When I go to another frame and then come back to this one, the radio buttons are empty. If I then click on “no” my variable is still registered to yes. I need to figure out how I can go back to the frame and have the radio button display what was clicked before and also change values if the user wants to change his mind.

Please help, a dead line is looming!


I did some messing around figured that I couldn’t have the same name “custom” listed twice. So I basically am not having a problem getting the myCustom variable to equal yes or no, but when I leave that frame and then go back the radio button doesn’t stay checked.