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Kirupa… I’m hoping you see this thread… I just have couple of forum ideas that might help bring this place together even more so than what it is…

Under Talk

Video Games

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Why? Video Games seems like a very, very good topic… or you can just make it Games… That way you can incorporate everything form Cmp games to vid games to flash games…

C++… It’s growing popular too And I can help people out in that if needed…

Ohh And I wnated to ask you something business like whenever I see you next on AIM if you don’t mind…

Thanks Man

I’ll consider adding a games section. I am not sure about C++ just yet. While it maybe useful, I am not sure many people with C++ questions will head here as their first destination…yet :bad:

I might not be on AIM a lot because I am still recovering from the flu and haven’t had a lot of time to spend on the comp. In a few days, I will be on AIM 24/7 =)

Kirupa :smirk:

yea, talk seems empty now…and Other is stuggling badly as well…noone ever posts in there

Yeah about a C++, i dont think you add one untill there are a few tuts…you know? that way ppl will know that we are a c++ source as well. But games sounds good! its up to you though.

That’s true…

I could make some C++ tutorials if need-be although? That is if it’s in demand… I know for a fact that it’s a highly used software… But you are right… Everyone looks at Kirupa for FLash… Duh… lmao… heh…

But yeah… Games Section would be pretty cool and I think it would be popular… I also have another great idea…


In this section… It’ll be alot like Contest cept you are given an idea every week to portray… Anyone who wnats to join in and create can do so… This way it’ll keep everyone’smind into Flash and to create something new every week and use them as examples will help Kirupa grow as well… :slight_smile:

Whatcha guys think?

keep on, i´m interested.

and i know that :ub: is always open to new ideas.

the games section is a must, the c++ i can´t say nothing about, and the experiments is way cool =)

Okay then… Keep going eh?

Well… Let’s see… If you didn’t wnat a complete section on just C++ do it more or less as a programming field… We have a field for Scripting Programmers but not regular… And a couple of C++ questions popped up…

I’m sure you could later on intergrate a sort-a C++, Visual Basic area. It would have to be when everyone knew this place as a more of a one stop place instead of just flash though…

As for the Games Section… Of course… Everyone loves playing games… And Random right now is the only real; place we can come in and tlak about it… So why not make a whole section? It clutters up the spam we put on Random and creates a more centralized topic to view and discuss at… Everyone loves playing games… Whether they be computer, console or homemade… They are hella fun :slight_smile:

Experiments… Let’s see… I think they should incorporate the experiments section in the forums with a section at… Have a link there that directs to the experiments and have it strictly watched. No outside posts or threads, just the newest experiment of the week and the people replying to that one area… Just give the thread names like Week 1 : 3D Polygons etc etc… That way when people look at the site… They can be like… Check this out! Woooah… I’m looking for 3D Polygons help… Direct them there… Almost like a group project all the time with fun added on to it… As for winners and losers? I don’t think this will be highly anticipated… I think it should be more of a noticing thing… Kind-a like Battle… But more direct and better… Call it an Online Portfolio of Flash Developers… hehe

Anyways… Those were the mian ideas I had… As for more? I do have more… But they are tiny right now… And I have to expand on them more…

Tell me what you think guys… :slight_smile:

i don’t think Phil will like this…he wants Spamdom to be on top and if there is more competition his Spamdom will not be on top!!! but then again…who cares what Phil’s thinking…BWAHHAHAHAHAHAHA runs from Phil :bounce:

where is Phil anyways…he has dissapeared…poof

Ahh Come On… Adding a Games Sections wouldn’t induce a lot of tlaking?


add a .net section or xml…I would love a video game section

3D, i think XML goes with Server-Side Scripting… but what is .net? database or someting? never figured that out…

*Originally posted by *
**3D, i think XML goes with Server-Side Scripting… but what is .net? database or someting? never figured that out… **

It’s the new set of Microsoft products (I of course hate microsoft),,,, etc…

i knew that it had to do with MS but i didnt know exactly all to much…thanks though!