Frame Speed

how do I speed up my movie?

decrease the frames used for tweening. is the best way to do it.
You could increase the FPS (frames per sec movie>modify) but the lesser the FPS (like 12) the better it is on your processor specially if its a slow computer. And the file size is also smaller.


i don’t think increasing or decreasing your FPS will change the size of the movie itself. do you mean that when you use less frames? in that case you are correct.

Thats what I meant…making less frames will definitely decrease the file size.

Just a thought.

2 secs of animation (tween)
@ 20 FPS you’ll need 40 frames.

the same animation (tween) can be done with
24 frames @ 12 FPS.

I didn’t realize this until I went to an animation class Last week. (durh!)

I hope my ignorance is a helpfull lesson to ya’ll. :slight_smile: