Frames Per Second (FPS) Please Help

Hey guys,

I want to make the first part of my timeline run faster than the second part in terms of FPS. Is this possible? If so please could you tell me how to do it.



Im not sure if you can but I would make sectin 2 of the line as a new scene! :slight_smile:

Then - gotoAndPlay (Scene2, 1);

I don’t think that’ll work, fps are set for the whole movie, scenes being considered as parts of it.
What you’d have to do is link to a new movie, which you’d load in instead of the other, and change your fps in that one.

I get asked this question all the time. I teach flash at a college and it seems every student wants each scene to go fast or slow. As far as I know (please let me know if I’m wrong) you can only have one fps(frames per second) per movie. Now there’s ways around this.

  1. In the scenes you want to slow down you can add frames but this will increase your file size.

  2. For animations you have a easing in and out feature that will speed up your animation sequences. Works well with longer animations.

I know this probably isn’t the answer you wanted.


hey Lisa, how did u manage to get a job teaching Flash. im very interested

yeah… too cool.

according to my teacher…1 fps per movie!!..if your main is 12fps…everything is 12fps…only way to make it fast is cutting down the frames of the tween!

Yes, but if you load a swf into _root/ level 0, it should completely replace the 1st swf , so the fps setting might be different too?! gotta try that, 1st one who does, let the others know, ok?

With Flash 5 you can control a MovieClips frame rate with some complex coding but if you want a simplier way the you could try this:

  1. Part 1 of your MovieClip (the fast part) should be made as a seperate Flash file (fast.swf) with say the frame rate set to 30 fps.

2.Whenever you want to go to part 2 (the slow part) have the following script:

unloadMovieNum (0);
loadMovieNum (“slow.swf”, 0);

So basically whats happened is that you have made your Movie into 2 movies and when the first movie has finished playing its content at a rate of 30 fps you attatch the above frame action to the last frame of the movie - This then unloads fast.swf and loads the slow.swf