Frames Action

I want to know if this is going to work for my webpage

I just want people to click on the first frame three times(3 buttons) The window that loads in the first button to reveal another button.

I am going to tell them to keep the window open.

I was just wanting to know if this will work. I don’t have the urls to assign for each button. Only functions so that I know that the first window has been clicked 3 times. For each time reveal another button.

I want people to click on the first window to the button action of the first frame.

My site is at
And the url for the first window of the first button on this page is at

ifFrameLoaded will not accomplish what you are attempting … frames are loaded into RAM at the beginning of the movie. That script is mainly for preloaders and the like.

other than that i really don’t understand your question. if you could clarify more exactly what you are trying to do, what part you are stuck on and maybe a source file. then i will be much more likely to be able to answer your question

good luck

I want the first button to load the

I have used go and play or whatever. I just used movie control to play the movie. The state of the visibility of the buttons shows. Except for the big green one on the bottom which I can’t seem to make invisible. I inserted another button besides the three buttons I already have.

Then I want them to go to the orange button which will tell them again to go to already two open windows. Hopefully they will click. I can’t determine if they will.

Then I want that big button i inserted which i can’t seem to make invisible to tell them to close window or the url. and take them to the bonus. Which is another url.

Awesome. I got someone to make a search. Excluding you. I am just testing this thing out. I seen people put up stuff with flash revealing layer after layer and then getting their bonus.