Frames in flash?

I am in the process of making my first web page and I am trying to figure out how to 1 movie be buttons and navigation bars and load new movies in the same window, sort of like frames i guess, how would i do this in flash, could i tell it to load a new movie and then resize it some how so it doesn’t hide the buttons?

Please help,


I did not get the first part of your question. Be more precise. Concerning the second part, I’ve just posted a link to a tutorial concerning loading lovies. If you want to change its dimensions, you’ll have to use setProperty (_xscale, dimension), and the same for y.


i want to be able to load a movie in a popup window and make all the buttons and stuff on that and then have an area in the window to load other flash movies. i would like to be able to do all of this in flash because if i do anything in html my web host puts ads on it

In that case, you’d probably just have to do it like a drawing - Flash wouldn’t set the frames, you’d just keep the navigation bar at the side of your animation at all times.

So, on one layer have your subject - whatever’s going to change the most. On another have the navigation bar, which will remain one frame without any key frames and instead will consist of mostly movie clips. The make it so that if I click on one of these buttons on your navigation bar it takes me to some key frame on the subject’s layer, which would be full of information of whatever the subject at hand would be.