Free server with remote acces


Don’t know if this is the right place to ask this, but hey, I’ll ask it anyways… :beam:

Does anyone know a free server (such as geocities, brinkster, …) which allows REMOTE ACCESS to files for a FREE ACCOUNT? I mean, I have a free account with brinkster and freeservers, and neither of them allow me to have remote acces to files on there. Anyone know where I could go for an account that does?

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when you say remote acces do you mean ftp acces?? if so geocities and most of the freeserves have the ftp option just read up on the upload files section of the website or site manager usually its something like this on geocities

the websites name is

so you would log on the ftp program like this


password = *******

and it should work if it dont try changing the http:// to

if that is what you mean :slight_smile:

I think by remote access he means picture linking.

That would be hotlinking. Remote access sounds like FTP to me too :-\

If it is FTP then many free hosts support that. One of the “best” (in terms of what you get, I have no idea on their performance) free hosts is I don’t use them but I hear good things AND they give you 50Mb, Unlimited Bandwidth, PHP and mySQL support, FTP Support. It sounds awesome…lol.

I think they have ads though as well, so I guess its kind of a matter of personal choice…

There are not many free hosts out there that are ad free. That isn’t to say they don’t exist though.

[color=darkblue]Umm, I guess I mean hotlinking then. What I mean is: when you put some picture on that ‘server’ (like brinkster), and you want to put a link to that picture (for instance in a forum, as an avatar or part of your signature) it sometimes isn’t possible: it says ‘free accounts don’t support remote access to files’… Guess they mean you can’t link to pictures… That’s what I mean. So I was wondering if there is a free server out there which does allow that… Wow, and I didn’t know Tripod Lycos had unlimited bandwith… That’s cool, coz my account at Brinkster keeps excessing the daily bandwith limit… But on the other hand, it’s ad-free… Tough choice… [/color]

Well I don’t know of any free hosts that allow hotlinking. You can hotlink with Geocities if you change the extension of your image to .txt before or after uploading it then targeting it as imagename.txt. This does of course break the rules of Geocities so it’s not strongly recommended, but thats your choice.

they bandwidth would be outragous if these places let everyone “hot link” IMages to anywhere on the web… Can’t say as I blame them I guess…

Yeah I agree too, I mean, a lot of people get all mad about banner ads and bandwidth on free host sites, but frankly, I don’t think anyone has much room to complain since they are getting hosting for FREE at the cost of someone else.

And I just tested… DOES allow hotlinking :wink:

Heres a Test:

(source url is… )

i hope this works


Should be…

You were a bit off :wink:

i know i guessed but it’s fixed now.

[color=darkblue]Thanx for trying that out, Lostinbeta. I’ll sign up for an account with lycos now :beam: Cya [/color]