Free Speech

Below is an article regarding the riot in Nigeria the broke out after a local newspaper alluded that the big bad Muslim humself would approve of the miss world pagent.

Nigeria Calls for Death of Writer


Am I alone in thinking this is retarded? :q:

I mean seriously, I understand free speech is a gift to only a handful of countries but this is just insanity.

I am just curious to what you all feel about this.

yes it is, btw now that you have killed everyone in festerville what do you do all day? and why didn’t you spare the women!?

You saw festerville, all the women had no teeth and were not very becoming in hockey masks.

they had to go.

I just pilage the women in rev-land, and PJ-island now.

Hey Mak…thats not a very shiny-happy footer you got kickin there.

Hey Mak…thats not a very shiny-happy footer you got kickin there.

Life sucks and then you die

Was that what it is about :-\ Not really happy, yeah. But there will be another meaning, if you come back to phrase origin - satanism. Satanists use to say “life is hell and than you die”… meaning best will follow :stuck_out_tongue:


lol…so MakaVel…you a satanist? :slight_smile:

lmfao NO!!! i was just in bad mood when i put the sig and i dont feel like changing it now…

makc: whaaaaaaaaat?! :stuck_out_tongue: i’m no satanist!!

takes out satan statue :stuck_out_tongue: :evil:

…hope people dont take this the wrong way and think i’m some evil nut,…maybe i shouldnt have said i hope people shouldn’t take it the wrong way becuz something always goes wrong

I feel an exorcism coming on…


Somebody tie him down, I’ll get the live chicken…


twists head COMPLETELY around and starts cussing rev


He’s speaking in tongues!

[SIZE=1]:: throws The Book at Mak, runs screaming out of the room, arms flailing like a chimp ::[/SIZE]


*5t4Rt$ $PE4KN1g 4N0+heR cr4ZY uNleG18L3 +0Un93 C4LL3D L33t *



hey remember i was supposed to be mayor or luitenent?! :evil: :pirate:

I don’t know where fester’s been goin…

Revland is a desolate place 125 NE of Reno, NV. Sagebrush won’t even grow there. We had a jackrabbit once, but he blew up…

send water…


Beta is my favorite place… no one knows where it is, and I am lost there, it is so great :slight_smile:

Nope, I know where I am at.

You don’t know… no one knows, just me.

I am hidden, away from the world, where I want to be :evil:

Hey Phil, don’t make me bring up your world domination problem :evil:


does that make you agoraphobic, or just reclusive?



Both, and then some.

I dated an agoraphobic (certified by the state of CA) for a while…

Crazy Tina …we called her that because she had herself declared insane with agoraphobia in order to make a living off of the state.
What a way to go… State ended up paying for her car, a brand new Mitsubishi Impulse, loaded… bought her a cel phone (in 1990 )…

Wouldn’t go outside, unless she was at home, or had a couple vodkas… then watch out! :stuck_out_tongue:

ahhhhhh, memories…



I am not agoraphobic, I can go outside. I just hate people, the ones around here at least, so I prefer to keep my distance from them and be by myself.